Practicing on one’s own time is the best way to get better. Even if you don’t have access to a hoop, you can still work on dribbling, footwork, and defense. Dedicated players have the desire to get better outside of practice. The workout log below is a starting template to help you get started on practicing on your own and keeping track of results. The more you practice, the faster you’ll see the results.


To be a complete basketball player, one needs to have a high basketball IQ. This can be done by watching basketball game film. When you have time, please watch some of the videos below on different areas of the game.


This first video goes back all the way to 2010 in the NCAA tournament. The Butler Bulldogs had to face Syracuse’s strong 2-3 zone. Watch how they move the ball around to get good shots. Also, with Butler being undersized, they had to be scrappy on the man to man defense they implemented. Every player on Butler had a role, and they do the little things correctly, resulting in the upset.



This next video is of Lonzo Ball while he was at UCLA. This video emphasizes court vision and passing. Lonzo does a great job advancing the ball up court to his teammates. He is also very unselfish and gets his teammates involved. This is a must watch for all ball handlers.



Being able to move without the ball is very important. It keeps the offense moving and creates open shots. In this video, JJ Redick does an excellent job coming off of screens without the ball for open shots. Notice how his teammates, usually the big men, sets him a down screen which allows Redick to hit the open shots. The point guard also needs to keep his head up and watch the play develop so they can pass it to him.


This video is a step by step description on how to break the 2-3 zone. Take note of the quick passes and decision making. To beat the zone, you need spacing and the ball doesn’t stick on one side of the floor as they have constant movement.



Being able to cut without the basketball can lead to many easy layups. When your defender gets lazy, take advantage of it. Point Guards also need to keep their heads up, so they can find the open man. Very important to be unselfish.

Man to Man Defense Halfcourt

Very important to learn the principles of Man to Man defense. We work on this in practice everyday. If you’re two passes away, you should be in helpside, one pass away you’re in deny defense. Communication and energy is key.